Information about Food: Pollen

About pollen, information about the uses including food and medicinal, nutrition of the seeds from plants and flowers.


Pollen is the male germ seed of plants and flowers, and a single grain is invisible to the naked eye. It is gathered by bees, who collect it in sacs on their back legs and take it to the hive. There it is either formed into royal jelly--which is fed exclusively to the queen and which gives her her special powers--or it is combined with honey to make bee bread, which is the food of the drones and workers. Pollen has been mentioned in the ancient writings of Egypt, China, Greece, and Russia, and experiments are presently being conducted to determine how best it can be used to help humans, since it is proving to be an amazing food. It is free from added colors, chemicals, and preservatives and is the richest source yet revealed of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Pollen may be as much as 13% complete protein, and in detail, it contains large quantities of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K; plus rutin, lecithin, amines, nuclein, guanine, xanthine, hydrocarbons, and sterol. In fact, pollen is a complete food, with a built-in life force, and the only similar food that can be compared to it is yeast. Antibiotics are present naturally, and it can be stored without loss of vitality. In medicine, its uses are only just being discovered. Cernitin, a pollen extract, has been used successfully in the treatment of influenza, urinary disorders, and measles. Tests in France prove pollen has been instrumental in curing anemia in young children and chronic constipation in adults. It helps in the recovery from shock, and as a tonic and energy restorer, it has given a new lease on life to old men. In fact, its potential appears to be unlimited. Pollen is present in varying amounts in all honeys, and it can also be purchased in powder or tablet form.

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