Information about Fruits: Apricots

About apricots, information about the fruit, production, history and varieties in the world.



The "golden seed of the sun," apricots are cultivated in all of Central and Southeast Asia and in parts of southern Europe and North Africa. The Spanish missionaries brought them to California early in the 18th century and now they are also grown in Idaho, Washington, Colorado, and Utah. Spain is the world's leader in apricot production, followed by the U.S., France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Iran, and Syria.

They are ripe when they are soft and golden orange. They contain much vitamin A and potassium, and they have a high natural-sugar content. Dried apricots are an excellent source of iron, but only the unsulfured variety. The sulfur dioxide used in the process of commercial drying makes the apricot appear bright, but destroys most of the food value. Apricot kernels are eaten around the world to maintain health and it is said that they prevent cancer; however, they can be toxic if eaten in large quantities.

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