Information about Fruits: Grapes and Raisins

About grapes and raisins, information about the fruit, production, history and varieties in the world.



France, Italy, and Spain are the biggest grape producers. In the U.S. they are largely grown in California. Grapes are consumed fresh, dried for raisins, or used for wines and alcoholic distillates. They contain glucose, fructose, and some calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin A. In Europe, the "grape cure" is much renowned. It involves a diet of purely grapes or grape juice for days or weeks in order to cure chronic diseases, eliminate poisons, and cleanse the system.

Raisins. California is the largest producer of raisins; Australia ranks 2nd. Fresno County exceeds Spain in output. In Spain grapes are dried on the vine, but in California they are dipped in lye, exposed to fumes of sulfur, and dried in a tunnel dehydrator or put on trays and left in the sun for 3 to 4 hours. Then they are dried for several weeks in the shade. When dried naturally, they are high in iron and other minerals.

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