Information about Fruits: Pineapple

About pineapples, information about the fruit, production, history and varieties in the world.


The Hawaiian Islands produce about half of the world's fresh pineapples and 60% of the world's total supply of canned pineapple products (all of the U.S. supply). Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, Cuba, and Taiwan are other large producers. Pineapples canned in Australia, Malaysia, and South Africa are generally shipped to Great Britain. The South American and Mexican production is sold mainly to European countries.

A ripe pineapple should be yellow to golden orange, a bit soft, have a short tuft of leaves, and make a solid sound when tapped. Pineapples won't ripen or sweeten with age. A.L. Pitkanen, in his book Tropical Fruits (Lemon Grove, Calif., R. Prevost, 1967) says, "Only those who have traveled in the tropics know what a fresh pineapple tastes like as it comes fully ripened from the plant, very different than the usual canned pineapple which is processed not quite fully ripened."

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