Information about Grains: Sorghum

About sorghum, information about the grains, production, history and uses, nutritional value


In India, sorghum is known as jorwar, cholum, or jonna; in the West Indies as petit mil or Guinea corn; in China and Manchuria as kaoliang; and in Egypt by its Arabic name dourra. It contains more protein and less fat than corn. Sorghum is made into meal and flour, and sometimes the flour is mixed with that of wheat. This is done mostly in the countries where it is frequently used, such as India, northern China, and Africa. In these countries, it is the leading cereal. Sweet sorghum is grown in the U.S. mainly for fodder and the making of sorghum syrup. In China, sweet sorghum is made into spirits, while in Africa, sorghum is made into a fermented drink called tialva. A certain variety of sorghum is cultivated for broom corn, used in making brooms and brushes.

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