Information about Nuts: Filbert or Hazelnut

About filberts or hazelnuts, information about the nuts, production, history and uses, nutritional value.


Also known as the hazelnut or cobnut, the filbert is commercially grown in Turkey, Italy, Spain, and the U.S. The wild trees of the Mediterranean and the Balkans form the basis of the commercial industry. Old Chinese manuscripts indicate that the use of this nut dates back at least 5,000 years. The ancient Greeks and Romans thought filberts had medicinal qualities. The native Indians of the Pacific Northwest used the wild variety, called "chinquapin" for food. The oil from the European filbert is used in food products, perfumes, and soaps. The soft, reddish timber is used for tool handles and walking sticks. Whereas most nuts are alkaline-forming, filberts--like peanuts and walnuts--are acid-forming in the body. They are good for the teeth and gums, and when eaten in moderation, aid in normalizing the metabolism.

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