Information about Nuts: Pecans

About pecans, information about the nuts, production, history and uses, origins of the name, nutritional value.


Indigenous to the southern U.S., where the wild species earned its name from the Algonquin and Cree Indian words meaning "nut with hard shell to crack." There are 2 types of pecan: large ones with thin shells, and small ones with thick shells. The small ones are tastier and less expensive but harder to crack. The kernels are high in energy, easily digestible, and have a high content of potassium and vitamin B1. The oil can be used for cooking and in salads, and it keeps well. The shells are often dyed red for commercial appeal, but of course this does nothing for the food value of the nut. The pecan shell is boiled to make a fabric dye, and the tannic acid extracted from it is used as a tanning agent for leather. Crushed shells are mixed with sand to form good rooting mediums for greenwood cuttings.

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