Information about Nuts: Pistachio Nuts

About pistachio nuts, information about the nuts, production, history and uses, nutritional value.

Pistachio Nuts

The wild pistachio groves of Turkey, Lebanon, and Afghanistan, along with a few commercial groves in Syria and Iran, supply this country with the pistachio nut. Sicily and India are also large exporters. A large red Aleppo variety is being grown experimentally in Chico, Calif., but very few domestic groves have thus far been successful. The pistachio nut is much acclaimed for its excellent taste and high protein content. The pistachio growers sell their nuts in their natural state. The varieties vary in color from light tan shell with light green nut, to red shell with dark green nut. Most of the distributors in the U.S. roast, salt, and dye the nut and shell red, but pistachios are best eaten raw and undyed.

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