Information about Vegetables: Asparagus

About asparagus, information about the vegetable, production, history and varieties in the world.


Grown extensively in France, Italy, and the U.S. Most of the U.S. production occurs in California, New Jersey, Washington, and Massachusetts. Asparagus was 1st used as a medicine, and not as a food until the 17th century. Asparagus tips are the tenderest part. Wild asparagus is a much loved delicacy, considered by many to be tastier than the cultivated varieties. To cook, stand them on end and steam until just tender; serve them with lemon butter or mayonnaise. Mushy asparagus is a culinary crime, and the Emperor Augustus was said to have ordered executions to be carried out "quicker than you can cook asparagus." Buy the firm, straight, thinner stalks with tightly closed tips. Asparagus contains vitamins A, C, and B, and lots of potassium. When harvesting asparagus, it is important that the knife be thrust into the ground as close to vertical as possible to avoid injuring the young shoots which are hidden in the soil.

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