Information about Vegetables: Corn or Maize

About corn or maize, information about the vegetable, production, history and varieties in the world.

Corn (Maize)

One of the most widely distributed of the world's food plants. The U.S. produces almost half of the world's total, most of it in an area called the corn belt (Iowa, parts of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota). Brazil ranks 2nd, followed by the U.S.S.R. and Mexico. Yellow cornmeal is high in magnesium, which is needed for healthy elimination. The oil is also good for the whole body, especially the intestinal tract. Buy corn with a fresh green husk and well-filled kernels; keep refrigerated. Corn will cook in 5 minutes or even less. As soon as corn is picked the sugar starts converting into starch, so the fresher the better. Try eating young corn raw. Raw corn soup garnished with parsley is delicious. Roasted corn is good too. The dishes made from corn comprise a long list--corn chips, fritters, tortillas, corn bread, corn syrup, cornstarch, succotash, and more. The corn husks which cover the ears of corn are used to wrap tamales, and can be used for stuffing mattresses. Corncob meal may be used for cleaning furs, removing oil from metal, and for fertilizer. Cornsilk is used in smoking mixtures. Using corn as the only grain in one's diet can cause pellegra (niacin deficiency). In Mexico this disease is avoided by cooking the corn in lime water, which is a good source of niacin.

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