Information about Vegetables: Fennel

About fennel, information about the vegetable, production, history and varieties in the world.


Grows wild in southern Europe and is widely cultivated throughout the U.S., Great Britain, and temperate Eurasia. Florentine fennel is particularly beloved by Italian cooks. The anise-tasting feathery leaves are a familiar sight in California, where a variety of fennel grows wild. The bulbous leaf steam of Florentine fennel can be eaten raw, like celery, or cooked in a cheese sauce. The licorice-tasting leaves can be chopped and added to salads, or used in fish soups and sauces. The seeds are used as a flavoring in Italian sausages and stuffings. Fennel is available from September to May, and it is the bulb, with a few tendrils of leaves still remaining, which is usually sold. The Greeks believed that it gave strength, courage, and long life to a man. The Romans thought it sharpened the eyesight.

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