Information about Vegetables: Mushrooms

About mushrooms, information about the vegetable, production, history and varieties in the world.


There are thousands of varieties of fungi, both edible and poisonous, but the mushroom which we buy today and which is available all year round is a descendant of just a single species, the common field mushroom. In the U.S., Pennsylvania is the mushroom capital. Also available, in dried form, are the big flavorsome black mushrooms from Japan; and for the gourmet, the beautiful yellow chanterelle, the honeycombed morel--and of course the highly prized truffle--are available in cans. When buying, look for the mushrooms that have opened out a little and have their gills showing. The French maintain that mushrooms improve with age (that is, the longer they are allowed to grow), and they prefer them when they have reached the almost completely flat stage, with dark brown gills, asserting that they are more flavorsome this way. Never peel or even wash commercial mushrooms--a wipe with a damp towel is all that is necessary. The versatility of mushrooms in cooking is well known, but have you ever tried a fresh mushroom soup? Unbeatable! Raw mushrooms are also delicious, especially with a dressing of sour cream.

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