Inside Planet Earth: Modern Belivers in Hollow Earth Part 2

About the modern believers in the hollow Earth theory, the different forms the belief takes relating to Hitler, Azerland, UFOs and more.


The Cars of Agharta. In the 1920s, psychic R. C. ("Doc") Andersen of Georgia, traveling with an old monk in a Stanley Steamer, investigated the Buddhist belief in the land of Agharta. In a Tibetan monastery, he came across an ancient book bound in animal hide which showed an egg-shaped device, an Aghartan car, flying over a high mountain. He also heard that the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of Tibet, was supposed to be in contact with the King of the World. In Agharta, according to legend, the people have 2 tongues which speak different languages, and strange animals, like birds with teeth, exist. The Aghartans have tremendous power:They can dry up oceans, make trees grow, and resurrect the dead. On the high mountains, it is said, physical evidence has been left: strange footprints in the snow, tablets and inscriptions in Aghartan, and wheel tracks from the cars in which the Aghartans travel.

Hitler and the Hollow Earth. Adolf Hitler, influenced by Bulwer-Lytton's science fiction novel The Coming Race, believed in the concept of a hollow earth. He thought humans were living on the inside surface of the sphere, which was enclosed in an infinite rock. During W.W. II, he sent a team of radar experts to spy on the British submarine fleet, using calculations based on this theory. His experts didn't find the calculations helpful but Hitler didn't stop believing. Adherents of the hollow-earth theory claim that Hitler and his closest henchmen went in a submarine to a base under the icecap at the South Pole when Germany fell.

Azerland. Search Magazine, in January, 1967, reported the discovery of an underground city, Azerland, 75 mi. west of Portland, Ore. The city reputedly has a million inhabitants, a fine harbor, and an excellent space port.

UFOs. Theodore Fitch, author of Our Paradise inside the Earth, believes that flying saucers originate within the earth and are piloted by small people who have discovered how to power such vehicles with "free energy." Years ahead of surface people in their culture, these beings from the inner earth are trying to prevent man from blowing up the earth, he thinks; that is why there was such a rash of UFO appearances reported after the nuclear holocaust at Hiroshima.

The Hollow Earth Society. The Hollow Earth Society is an international group with over 400 members living in more than 30 countries. Its purpose is to send an expedition to find the inside of the earth. Albert McDonald, the society's president, claims that polar explorers who have come close to finding Symmes's holes have come back with stories of warm lands with unusual animals, including that summer pest, the mosquito. He contends that people on the outer and inner surfaces of the earth are held in place by gravity centered in the shell of the planet, and that the aurora borealis and aurora australis are caused by reflections from the sun located in the inner earth.

Photographs of the Holes. Another believer in the hollow-earth theory is Ray Palmer, editor and publisher of Flying Saucer Magazine. In the June, 1967, issue of the magazine, he showed ESSA satellite photographs in which a dark spot appeared at the North Pole, to him proof of a hole. He believes in the vortex theory--that celestial bodies, rotating during formation, develop a hole like the one which appears in water going down a drain.

Could It Be True? If the proponents of the hollow-earth theory are right, it is necessary to reject arbitrarily all the work of earth scientists, Newton's laws, and observations of scientific polar expeditions. If the earth is hollow, how can it weigh so much? And how can we explain volcanoes and other evidences of the tremendous internal heat of the earth? So far, there is no answer.

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