International Jerusalem Prize History Information and Award Winners

About the International Jerusalem Prize, history and information of the award, list of previous recipients.

The International Jerusalem Prize

Who: Established by the Municipality of Jerusalem, Israel, and the Jerusalem International Book Fair, in 1963.

What: Given to the author who, in his works, has made outstanding contributions to the concept of freedom of the individual in society.

When: Every 2 years, usually in April.

Where: Headquarters: The Jerusalem International Book Fair, P. O. Box 1508, Jerusalem, Israel.

Prize: $2,000. The winner is invited to accept the prize in Jerusalem, and to give a speech of acceptance at the opening of the Book Fair at Binyanei Haooma.

Eligible: Any author, without bar as to race, color, or creed.

Judges: A committee of 3 judges, all distinguished Israeli men of letters, nominated to serve by the mayor of Jerusalem, currently Teddy Kollek. A different committee is nominated for each new biennial award.

Award Winners:

1963 Bertrand Russell, England. Author, philosopher.

1965 Max Frisch, Germany. Novelist.

1967 Andre Schwarz-Bart, France. Novelist.

1969 Ignazio Silone, Italy. Novelist.

1971 Jorge Luis Borges, Argentina. Novelist.

1973 Eugene Ionesco, France. Playwright.

1975 Simone de Beauvoir, France. Author.

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