International Business Machines IBM Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia about the U.S. corporation International Business Machines including songs.



IBM sells and leases data processing machines and systems, electric typewriters, input word processing equipment, educational and testing materials, and related supplies and services. IBM has produced about 70% of the computers in the world and over 90% of the electric typewriters in the U.S. The company is so much bigger than its competitors that the computer industry used to be described as IBM and the 7 dwarfs.

T. J. Watson, Sr., IBM's 1st president, insisted upon a rah-rah atmosphere at IBM, particularly at sales meetings. Watson chose "Think" as the company slogan, and IBM gatherings included company fight songs. One song was about Watson:

Our voice swell in admiration;

Of T. J. Watson proudly sing;

He'll ever be our inspiration,

To him our voices loudly ring.

The company's most famous song was its rally song, "Ever Onward."

There's a feeling ev'rywhere of bigger things in store,

Of new horizons coming into view.

Our aim is clear,

To make each year exceed the one before,

Staying in the lead in ev'rything we do.

The will to win is built right in,

It will not be denied,

And we will go ahead we know by working side by side.

Ever Onward, Ever Onward,

That's the spirit that has brought us fame.

We're big but bigger we will be,

We can't fail for all can see

That to serve humanity has been our aim.

Our products now are known in ev'ry zone,

Our reputation sparkles like a gem.

We've fought our way thru and new

Fields we're sure to conquer too.

Ever Onward, Ever Onward,

We're bound for the top to never fall.

Right here and now we thankfully

Pledge sincerest loyalty

To the corporation that's the best of all.

Our leaders we revere and while we're here

Let's show the world just what we think of them!

So let us sing men, sing men,

Once or twice then sing again,

Ever Onward, Ever Onward.

In 1937 T. J. Watson, Sr., received the Order of Merit of the German Eagle with Star from Adolf Hitler for "foreign nationals who have made themselves deserving of the German Reich."


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