International Lenin Peace Prize Award Winners

About the International Lenin Prize for Strengthening Peace Among Peoples a list of some of the winners of the award.

International Lenin Prize for Strengthening Peace Among Peoples

Award Winners:

1960 Cyrus S. Eaton, U.S. Industrialist.

Dr. Sukarno, Indonesia. President 1949-1965 Laurent Casanova, France.

Aziz Sharif, Iraq.

1961 Dr. Fidel Castro, Cuba. Prime Minister. ("Whose entire life is dedicated to the struggle for freedom and independence.")

Sekou Toure, Guinea. President.

Mrs. Rameshwari Nehru, India. Pacifist. Mikhail Sadoveanu, Romania. Author. Antoine Georges Tanet, Lebanon. Architect.

Ostap Dkluski, Poland. Founder of World Peace Council. Communist leader.

William Morrow, Australia. Labor leader.

1962 Pablo Picasso, France. Artist. (He went to Moscow to accept award 4 years later.)

Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana. President 1951-1966.

Istvan Dobi, Hungary. President.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Pakistan. Poet.

Olga Poblet de Espinosa, Chile. University professor.

1963 Ahmed Ben Bella, Algeria. President 1963-1965. Overthrown. President of government-in-exile in Moscow. ("Ardent champion of peaceful coexistence.")

Modibo Keita, Mali. President of government-in-exile in Moscow. (For his work in the anticolonial movement.)

1965 Jamsaranglin Sambu, Mongolia. Parliament leader.

Miriam Vire-Tuominen, Finland. Member of World Council of Peace.

J.P. Courtis, Nigeria. National leader.

Giacomo Manzu, Italy. Sculptor. ("An outstanding representative of realistic directions in art.")

Miguel Angel Asturias, Guatemala. Author.

1967 The Rev. Dr. Martin Niemoller, West Germany. Evangelical pastor.

Rockwell Kent, U.S. Artist. (Accepting award in Moscow, Kent condemned his native U.S. for a "most criminal, cruel, and unjust war in Vietnam.")

Abram Fischer, South Africa. Communist lawyer. (In jail for sabotage, 1966, the year of his citation.)

David Alfaro Siqueiros, Mexico. Artist. (Died in 1974.)

Ivan Malek, Czechoslovakia. Scientist.

Herbert Warnke, East Germany. Labor leader.

1968 No Award.

1969 No Award.

1970 Dr. Linus Pauling, U.S. Scientist. (Given for "activity in defense of peace.")

1971 No Award.

1973 James Aldridge, Australia. Author. (Award given in Soviet Embassy, London, "for his outstanding struggle for the preservation of peace." Award $14,500.)

Leonid I. Brezhnev, U.S.S.R. Soviet party general secretary.

Salvador Allende, Chile. President. (Overthrown 1973 and was murdered.) Trade union leader.

1974 Luis Corvalan, Chile. Communist leader. Presently in jail.

Jeanne Martin Sisse, Guinea. Politician. Raymond Goor, Belgium. Clergyman.

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