Inventors of Words Word Origin Quiz Answers

Answers to the quiz about words and the people who invented or coined them.


1. v. in Gulliver's Travels

2. b. in Through the Looking-Glass

3. l. in a letter to a stripteaser who had requested a more dignified name for her profession

4. m. in Paradise Lost

5. w. in Fathers and Sons

6. a. coined by the American humorist c. 1914, meaning in his words "to sound like a publisher"

7. c. in Don Quixote

8. t. in The Rivals

9. q. in The Fair Penitent

10. n. in La Princesse d'Elide

11. p. in Gargantua and Pantagruel

12. s. in The Merchant of Venice

13. u. in The Faerie Queene

14. r. coined, but not used in its current nonlegal sense, in Ignoramus, 1615

15. o. in Utopia

16. j. in 1871

17. x. in the novel Bunk

18. i. name for the figure 1 followed by 100 zeroes equal to 10 100?? suggested by Kasner's nephew while still a child

19. g. in Lost Horizon

20. d. or e. DeBeck was a comic-strip artist

21. k. in the novel Handy Andy

22. f. in his plays, 1720-1777

23. h. applied by a physicist to particles some scientists believe to be the basis for all matter, after he spotted the word in Finnegans Wake

24. d. or e. again

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