Karl Marx: His Life and Thought by David McClellan

An excerpt from the book "Karl Marx: His Life and Thought" by David McClellan which gives the reader insight into the personl life of Marx.

KARL MARX: HIS LIFE AND THOUGHT. BY DAVID McLellan, New York: Harper & Row, 1974.

About the book: Half the world's population lives under political systems that claim their inspiration from Karl Marx. For someone so influential, it is surprising that so little has been known of his private life and that his ideas were so misunderstood. McLellan's balanced and comprehensive biography presents for the 1st time a full picture of Marx.

From the book: Here is Karl Marx's own account of himself as he gave it playing the Victorian parlor game of "Confessions."

Marx's Confession

Your favorite virtue


Your favorite virtue in man


Your favorite virtue in woman


Your chief characteristic

Singleness of purpose

Your idea of happiness

To fight

Your idea of misery


The vice you excuse most


The vice you detest most


Your aversion

Martin Tupper (Victorian popular writer)

Favorite occupation


Favorite poet

Shakespeare, Aeschylus, Goethe

Favorite prose-writer


Favorite hero

Spartacus, Kepler

Favorite heroine


Favorite flower


Favorite color


Favorite name

Laura, Jenny

Favorite dish


Favorite maxim

Nihil humani a me alienum puto ("I consider that nothing human is alien to me.")

Favorite motto

De omnibus dubitandum ("You must have doubts about everything.")

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