Lebanon: Location, History, Size, Population, & Government

About the location, history, size, population, and government of the country Lebanon.



Location--A strip of land along the east shore of the Mediterranean, bordered on the north and east by Syria, and on the south by Israel.

How Created--Lebanon historically was part of Syria, but in the 19th century France forced the Ottoman Empire to make Lebanon a separate administrative district. After the destruction of the Ottoman Empire during W.W. I, France obtained control over both Lebanon and Syria but as separate territories despite a decision by Lebanese leaders in 1920 that Lebanon should be merged again into an independent Syria. France administered Lebanon until independence in 1945.

Size--3,950 sq. mi. (10,230 sq. km.).

Population--3.3 million: Arab, 92.9%; Armenian, 4.6%; Kurd, 0.7%; Jewish, 0.4%; Greek, Turkish, and others, 1.4%. 30% Maronite Catholic, 20% Sunni Muslim, 19% Shiite Muslim, 10% Greek Orthodox, 6% Druzean, 15% other.

Who Rules--Members of Parliament are elected along religious lines. The Parliament then selects the President, who must be a Maronite Catholic. The Prime Minister must be a Sunni Muslim and the President of the Chamber of Deputies must be a Shiite Muslim.

Who REALLY Rules--Foreign (mainly U.S.) capitalists and their dependent domestic bourgeoisie in alliance with the semifeudal landlords. Coinciding with and indistinguishable from this alliance are the major religious leaders, Christian, Muslim, and Druze.

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