Lesotho: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Lesotho, land of meadows and pastures, work in the mines, history of the tribes and South Africa.



This small mountainous kingdom is what remains of a larger refuge to which the Basotho people were driven by tribal wars and the deprivations caused by South African Boers. It has remained an independent enclave primarily because of the genius of one man, King Moshoeshoe I. His Basotho soldiers ambushed vengeance-seeking British soldiers on Berea Mountain by leaving a large herd of cattle as decoys for the greedy foreigners. Though he won the battle, Moshoeshoe ordered a local missionary to write the British governor in South Africa what has been called "the most politic document that has ever been penned in South Africa." He wrote: "Your Excellency--This day you have fought against my people and taken much cattle. I entreat peace from you--you have shown your power--let it be enough, I pray you. I will try all I can to keep my people in order for the future. Your humble servant, Moshoeshoe." The British were satisfied.

Eighty percent of Lesotho is meadows and pastureland.

About 60% of Lesotho's working-age males are employed in the mines and farms of South Africa.

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