Longest Prison Sentences in History

About the longest prison sentences in history including a sentence for over 7,000 years in jail.


The Longest Prison Sentences. "The longest recorded prison sentences were ones of 7,109 years, awarded to 2 confidence tricksters in Iran (formerly Persia) on June 15, 1969. The duration of sentences are proportional to the amount of the defalcations involved. A sentence of 384,912 years was demanded at the prosecution of Gabriel March Grandos, 22, at Palma de Mallorca, Spain, on March 11, 1972, for failing to deliver 42, 768 letters.

"Richard Honeck was sentenced to life imprisonment in the U.S. in 1899, after having murdered his former schoolteacher. It was reported in November, 1963, that Honeck, then aged 84, who was in Menard Penitentiary, Chester, III., was due to be paroled after 64 years in prison, during which time he had received one letter (a 4-line note from his brother in 1904) and 2 visitors, a friend in 1904 and a newspaper reporter in 1963. He was released on December 20, 1963.

"Juan Corona, a Mexican-American, was sentenced to 25 consecutive life terms for murdering 25 migrant farm workers he had hired, killed, and buried in 1970-1971 near Feather River, Yuba City, Calif., on February 5, 1973, at Fairfield, Calif."

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