Major Engineering Events in History: Introduction and Timeline

About the major engineering events in history, a timeline from the wheel to the atomic bomb.

Great Engineering Feats from Early Times to the Present

Man's use of practical technology predated his knowledge of the pure sciences and it was the latter that eventually led to engineering as we know it today. While it is grossly unfair to compare ancient man's efforts to improve on his surroundings with today's successes, a survey of important technological/architectural/construction/engineering progress through the ages will help us view in perspective man's advances up to the present.

298,000 B.C. Earliest Known Houselike Dwelling

3000 B.C. Wheeled Transportation Is Realized

2700-2200 B.C. The Pyramids of Egypt

1800-1450 B.C. Stonehenge--Man's 1st Celestial Observatory

1000 B.C. The Qanats of Iran

448 B.C. The Acropolis, Athens, Greece

300 B.C. The Great Wall of China

313 B.C.-128 A.D. The Roman Aqueducts

834 A.D. The Crank Is Recognized

1000 A.D. The Ancient City of Angkor, Cambodia

1350 A.D. The Rope Bridge of San Luis Rey, Peru

1646 A.D. The Taj Mahal

1725 A.D. The 1st Successful Steam Engine

1882 A.D. The Valveless Water Waste Preventer

1883 A.D. The Brooklyn Bridge

1893 A.D. The Ferris Wheel

1920 A.D. The Panama Canal

1931 A.D. The Empire State Building

1937-1938 A.D. The Golden Gate Bridge and Boulder Dam

1945 A.D. The 1st Atomic Bomb Is Detonated

1957 A.D. Man's 1st Artificial Satellite Orbited

1969 A.D. Manned Lunar Landing

1975 A.D. Project Sanguine Nears Operation

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