Major Engineering Events in History: Pyramids of Egypt 2700-2200 B.C.

About the major engineering events in history, the contruction of the Egyptian pyraminds from 2700-2200 B.C.

Great Engineering Feats from Early Times to the Present

2700-2200 B.C. (The Pyramids of Egypt). Nothing in the world has involved man's imagination and his energies more completely than the 70-odd pyramids built by the Eygptians between 2700 B.C. and 2200 B.C. The 1st pyramid was ordered built by King Joser of the 3rd Dynasty in Memphis, an area across the Nile and 12 mi. upstream from modernday Cairo. King Joser's architect-engineer was Imhotep, who was also a physician, writer, statesman, and magician. The greatest of the pyramids was built in 2580 B.C. by King Khufu. This monument is 480' high, 748' square, and contains 2,300,000 blocks of limestone weighing 2 1/2 tons each. Except for the Great Wall of China, it was the largest single ancient structure. The last of the pyramids of this era were built about 2200 B.C. Using only the crudest tools of wood, stone, copper, and brass, these ancient Egyptians succeeded in quarrying, moving, and raising immense slabs of limestone and granite weighing up to 30 tons apiece.

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