Major Engineering Events in History: Valveless Water Waste Preventer 1882 A.D.

About the major engineering events in history, the valveless water waste preventer built in 1882.

Great Engineering Feats from Early Times to the Present

1882 A.D. (The Valveless Water Waste Preventer). In 1882, the Metropolis Water Act, in London, England, came into being, unifying 8 separate water companies. Because the cisterns for toilets (or water closets) of the age employed only an on-off valve an enormous quantity of the city's precious water was being wasted. The responsible ministry, therefore, asked the plumbers in London to develop a positive watertight water closet system. Thomas Crapper came to the rescue with the invention of his water waste preventer, or as it later became known, Crapper's Valveless Water Preventer. His success in stemming the tide resulted in his being knighted and he became Sir Thomas Crapper. American soldiers visiting England in W.W. I were delighted with Crapper's device, which of course had his name emblazoned upon it. Returning to the U.S., doughboys delighted in describing Crapper's wonder. His name has been immortalized in American toilet slang ever since.

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