Major U.S. Business: Unilever Group Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the major business Unilever Group including products and brands.



Unilever manufactures and sells a wide variety of products, mostly for home consumption. Its products are organized into 9 major product groupings: animal feeds; chemicals; detergents; edible fats and dairy products; convenience foods; meat and fish; paper, printing, packaging, and plastics; toiletries; and transportation.

Unilever's U.S. subsidiaries are Lever Brothers Co. and Thomas J. Lipton, Inc., which together accounted for 9% of the company's sales and 6% of its profits in 1973. Lipton produces 70% of the dried soup sold in the U.S. (one brand name is Cup-a-Soup) and 50% of the tea bags.

Unilever has 20% of the detergent market in all major industrialized countries and over 60% of the European frozen food market (brand names Birds Eye in Britain and Iglo in the rest of Europe). It is the world's largest ice cream maker and the world's 2nd largest tea supplier. The company owns A & W Food Service of Canada, Ltd., and operates 86 Nordsee Quick Fish Restaurants in Austria, Germany, and Holland.

Among Unilever's many brand names are Good Humor ice cream; Imperial and Promise margarine; Spray 'n Vac rug cleaner; All and Wisk detergents; Knox gelatine; Aim, Close-up, and Pepsodent toothpaste; and Caress, Dove, Lifebuoy, and Lux soap. Unilever is concentrating on the expansion of its operations in the food business, but continues to expand in other areas as well. In 1973 it bought chocolate producers in Holland and Ireland, ice cream makers in Brazil, Ireland, and Spain, and yogurt companies in Belgium and France. Its subsidiary UAC International bought 2 motor vehicle distributorships, an engineering company, and a building supplies company, all in Britain.

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