Major World Religions Scientism

About the major world religion Scientism, some of the history, varieties, beliefs and meanings behind the religious tradition.


The word "science" comes from the Latin word sciens, which means "knowing." Followers of scientism are called "scientists," a term which was 1st used by William Whewell in 1840. The study of science began as a hobby among Greek intellectuals. For centuries those who acquired scientific knowledge kept it secret and although this practice is less common today, there are still many scientists who believe that their knowledge would be misused if it were spread to noninitiates. From a small sect, scientism has risen to the heights of respectability and its basic principles are taught to schoolchildren throughout the world.

Scientists believe that the order of the universe can be determined by systematic study and analysis. They believe that theirs is the only true path and that other paths are "mere superstitions." Over the years scientism has split into over 1,200 different sects or "fields," each with its own sacred texts.

It is estimated that the worldwide scientific community has over 3 million members, although the number of believers is much greater.

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