Mauritius: Location, History, Size, Population, & Government

About Mauritius, information, history size, location, population, people, culture, and government.


Size--720 sq. mi. (1,865 sq. km.). Population--900,000.

An island about 500 mi. east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has a mixed population of Hindus, Muslims, Catholics, and Chinese. The economy is dependent on sugar which provides 89% of the exports and 62% of the jobs. Since independence in 1968, the nation has been wracked with problems. The defeat of malaria in the 1940s led to a population boom, and increased unemployment. A strong 3rd-world-oriented labor movement was squashed in 1972 and its leaders were imprisoned. Mauritius was the home of the extinct dodo, a flightless bird which was destroyed by European sailors and their domestic animals.

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