Morals and Stories Wisdom of a Sly Fox

A short story about the wisdom of the sly fox who outwits the tiger and the wolf.

The Wisdom of a Fox

A fox once lived with his family in a cave in the hillside. One day a tiger came round that way, and hearing him prowling round, the fox's wife became very anxious, for she knew that her young cubs were in danger of being devoured.

"Do not be alarmed," said her husband. "Whenever the tiger comes within hearing I will say, 'What are the babies crying for?' and you will answer, `They are asking for tiger's flesh.'"

Presently the tiger came along, and this is what he heard: "What are the babies crying for, my dear?" "Why, they are asking for tiger's flesh; we must find a tiger."

The tiger ran for his life, and at some distance met a wolf. "Why are you running so fast?" asked the wolf, whereupon the tiger told him what he had heard. "Do not be so foolish," said the wolf. "Return with me and we may both be sure of a good meal; but in order that you may not leave me in the lurch, let us tie our tails together."

This being done they returned, but the wily fox was quite equal to the occasion.

"What are the babies crying for?" asked he. "For tiger's flesh," answered his trembling wife. "They need not wait long," said her husband, "for I have sent a wolf to fetch a tiger for us."

Hearing this, the tiger fled faster than ever, dragging the wolf, by whom he thought he had been betrayed, upon the ground behind him.

Thus the fox by his wit had saved his family.

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