Most Married People or Marriages in History

A list of the most married people in history and the number of marriages they had with the King of Siam on the top.

Some Most Married People in History

1. King Mongut of Siam (and of The King and I)

9,000 wives and concubines*

2. King Solomon of the Old Testament

700 wives*

3. Queen Kahena of the Berbers

400 husbands*

4. August the Strong of Saxony

365 wives*

5. Theresa Vaughan of England

61 husbands

6. Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia

35 wives*

7. Brigham Young of Salt Lake City, U.S.

27 wives*

8. Glynn de Moss Wolfe of the U.S.

19 wives

9. Beverly N. Avery of the U.S.

14 husbands

10. Calamity Jane of the U.S.

12 husbands

11. Tommy Manville of the U.S.

11 wives

12. Kid McCoy of the U.S.

10 wives

13. Pancho Villa of Mexico

9 wives

14. Marie MacDonald of the U.S.

8 husbands

15. Artie Shaw of the U.S.

8 wives

*denotes polygamist

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