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Answers to Grant's Filmlore Quiz

1. Four years before his acclaim as The Kid, Jackie Coogan had the starring role when he was but 16 months old in Skinner's Baby (Essany, 1916).

2. The late Walter Connolly was the luckless one. Frank Capra had 1st shelved Sam Jaffe's footage as the High Lama in Lost Horizon in favor of hiring Connolly, who'd become a top film favorite at the time. But after Connolly had completed his role, Capra didn't like it and scrapped it entirely in favor of Jaffe's completed footage. Ironically, Capra had 1st signed Henry B. Walt-hall for the High Lama role, but Walthall died just days before production began.

3. In The Great Ziegfeld, Myrna Loy played the role of Billie Burke, but the role of Fanny Brice was played by Fanny Brice herself.

4. Tarzan's New York Adventure (1942) was the only Tarzan movie in which 2 Tarzans appeared: the then-current star Johnny Weismuller and the very 1st Tarzan, Elmo Lincoln, who played the role of a circus roustabout.

5. Even Joel McCrea himself gave us a wrong answer till we refreshed his memory. Joel's 1st speaking role was in Five O'Clock Girl, starring Marion Davies (MGM, 1928). Joel played the role of Oswald the plumber, but William Randolph Hearst ordered the entire picture shelved for reasons never divulged. The movie was never released after but one preview.

6. The only woman director Chaplin ever had was Mabel Normand in one of his 1st Mack Sennett comedies. Both Sennett and Chaplin bowed to her persistence because they both loved her. Besides, she was a bigger star than Chaplin at that time.

7. Greer Garson made her acting debut in 1936, playing the role of Shirley Kaplan in the British version of the play Street Scene.

8. Paul Muni's 1st starring movie was The Valiant (Fox, 1929), which was expanded to feature length from the one-act play of the same name that previously had starred Bert Lytell in a long vaudeville tour on the Orpheum circuit.

9. We had an actual count of 67 wrong answers saying that Grace Moore had made her Hollywood film debut in her box-office smash, One Night of Love (Columbia, 1934), but she actually made her debut 4 years previously, playing the role of another singing star, Jenny Lind, in A Lady's Morals (MGM, 1930).

10. Reginald Owen played the role of Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes (Fox, 1932), and released 11 months later was his starring role as Sherlock Holmes in A Study in Scarlet (World-Wide, 1933). Indeed, no one has yet challenged Owen's claim to being the only actor to play both roles in separate films.

11. Pre-Griffith, Herbert Brenon produced The Two Orphans (Fox, 1915) with Theda Bara and Jean Sothern as his title stars, and pre-Brenon in 1911, William Selig produced it with Winifred Greenwood and Kathlyn Williams as his stars. But Griffith's Orphans of the Storm is the only immortal one. As recently as 1972, it was aired again and again on PBS television stations.

12. When Dr. Frankenstein brought his man-made monster to life, he impulsively named him "Adam." Some film buffs argue that the film they've seen again and again did not have this pronouncement and, indeed, Universal admits the naming was cut out of many belated releases because virtually all who'd seen the movie referred (wrongly) to Boris Karloff as "Frankenstein."

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