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The Super Difficult Filmlore Game

BY HANK GRANT, columnist for The Hollywood Reporter, a motion picture and television trade daily, and commentator on films for CBS-TV.

I introduced my 1st "Filmlore Question" in my column during a dull summer month in 1969, and what I'd intended to be just a short-time feature is still running strong today.

Recently, I have been urged by readers to compile a select number of Filmlore Questions as a handy game they could have at parties, now that Charades has become old hat.

I calculatedly have selected 12 "toughie" questions, all of which got no correct answers on 1st printing and which required added clues, but you did want to become a filmlore buff, didn't you?

Answers to the following questions can be found at the end of the quiz. Frankly, if you can answer 2 of these questions correctly, you're a genius!


1. When he was 4 years old in 1918, Jackie Coogan achieved international stardom with his title role opposite Charles Chaplin in The Kid, but he actually had made his film debut as the title star of what previous movie?

2. What top character actor, now deceased, played a very important role for Frank Capra, who scrapped it entirely in favor of another relatively unknown actor?

3. In MGM's The Great Ziegfeld (1936), who played the roles of Billie Burke and Fanny Brice?

4. To date, the theatrical screen has had no less than 13 Tarzans, but can you name the only Tarzan movie in which 2 Tarzans appeared?

5. Can you name the movie in which Joel McCrea had his 1st speaking role?

6. Who was the only woman director Charles Chaplin had in his entire film career?

7. What Irish-born Hollywood film queen made her acting debut on the London stage with a role as a Jewish girl?

8. Can you name the late Paul Muni's 1st starring role?

9. Late soprano Grace Moore made her Holly-wood film debut in what movie?

10. Can you name the well-known character actor who, within one year, played Sherlock Holmes in one movie and Dr. Watson in another?

11. D. W. Griffith made film history in 1922 with his Orphans of the Storm, starring Dorothy and Lillian Gish, but can you name one of 2 producers who'd previously filmed it under its original title of The Two Orphans?

12. What was the late Boris Karloff's monster name in the 1931 Frankenstein movie?

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