Mysterious Events in History Building the Cheops Pyramid Part 1

About the mysterious event in history involving the construction of the perfect Cheops pyramid.

A Chronology of Mysterious Happenings in History


When: About 2650 B.C.

Where: Egypt

The Mystery: The stones in the pyramid built by Cheops are put together so accurately you can't get a piece of paper between them. The pyramid itself weighs at least 6 million tons. Traditional history tells us that it was erected during the 22 years of Cheops's reign by 4,000 stonemasons and 100,000 workers, who each year spent 3 months dragging the stones into position. The mystery? Some of the stones weigh as much as 5 tons. How could humans, working with primitive machines available at the time, lift those stones? How were the 100,000 workers fed? How were the stonemasons able to shape the stones with such precision?

The entrance to the "chamber of the King," where Cheops was supposedly entombed, was plugged with a piece of granite larger then the corridor. The Arabs found it when they entered the tomb for the 1st time in the 9th century. Inside the tomb they found no body or tools, only a box of red granite. The mystery? The granite plug, because it was larger than the corridor, had to be placed there during the building. How could grave robbers get in, then? What was the box for?

The height of the pyramid is 148.20 m., a measure directly related to the distance from the earth to the sun--148,208,000 km. (This distance was not calculated so precisely until 1860 A.D.) The pyramid is oriented to the cardinal directions with an error of only 4 deg. 35'. (Tycho Brahe, the great 16th-century astronomer, made an error of 18 deg. when placing the Uranienborg Observatory.) The mystery? If the pyramid was built not as a tomb but as an astronomical monument, how were the Egyptians able to make such accurate measurements?

Possible Solutions: All kinds of people--from archaeologists to mystics--have theories about the pyramids.

How was it built? Some say that the stones were floated up the Nile on rafts, then put in place with wooden rollers.

To float a 5-ton stone, a raft would have to displace 5 tons of water. There is no evidence that the Egyptians had such monster rafts.

Others say that it was built by the superior superrace of Atlantis. Still others say it was built by beings from outer space. Morris K. Jessup, astrophysicist and UFO buff, says, "Levitation is the only feasible answer. I believe that this lifting machine was a spaceship, probably of vast proportions; that it brought colonists to various parts of the earth... that it supplied the heavy lift power for erecting great stone works; and that it was suddenly destroyed or taken away. Such a hypothesis would underwrite all the movements of stone over which archaeologists and engineers have pondered."

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