Mysterious Events in History Building the Cheops Pyramid Part 2

About the mysterious event in history involving the construction of the perfect Cheops pyramid.


What was the pyramid built for? In the olden days, there were those who believed that the philosophers' stone, a power capable of transforming base metal into gold, was hidden inside the pyramid.

In the late 1800s, Charles Piazzi Smith, an astronomer, wrote a 600-page book in which, among other things, he claimed to have discovered a universal unit of measurement--the "pyramid inch." The "discovery" was grist for the mill of a group of believers between 1890 and 1935. They thought the pyramid revealed through the pyramid inch the history and future of the race from a Christian point of view and was, in fact, a "Bible in stone." Each corridor, each room, had a meaning. The measurement used in building the pyramids was the royal cubit, which approximated in length the human forearm.

Some people think the pyramid was a giant grain elevator, but there is not much evidence to back up this theory.

In 1960, a fertilizer salesman named Reinhold Schmidt claimed that he was picked up by a UFO and taken to the inside of a pyramid where he saw hidden chambers and the cross on which Christ died. He also saw 32 pamphlets, written in English in black ink, which told the history and future of the human race. He is, however, the only person to claim such an experience.

There are those who think that Thoth, the Egyptian god, was in reality a spaceman, who had the pyramids built to hide cosmic secrets.

What's inside the pyramid? In 1969, Dr. Walter Alvarez, a Nobel Prize winner, led a group of American scientists in setting up cosmic ray detectors around it. In this way, he thought, they could discover where the hidden chambers, if any, were. (The rays would pass through empty space more quickly than through solid stone.) A strange thing happened--the readings for one day were not the same as the readings for another. Dr. Amr Gohed, who was in charge of the IBM 1130 computer facility the research team used, said of the readings, "It defies all known laws of science and electronics. Either the geometry of the pyramid is in substantial error, which would affect our readings, or there is a mystery which is beyond explanation--call it what you will, occultism, the curse of the Pharaohs, sorcery, or magic--there is some influence that defies the laws of science at work in the pyramid."

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