Mysterious Events in History Footprints of the Devil Part 2

About the mysterious event in history involving the appearance of the Devil's footprints, possible solutions to the strange occurence.


Possible Solutions: As mentioned, the Reverend Mr. Musgrave thought the tracks might have been made by a kangaroo. There were some kangaroos in a private zoo nearby. However, they hadn't got out the night of the snowfall. Moreover, a kangaroo does not made single-line tracks, but paired, 4-toed impressions, several yards, rather than 8", apart.

Some thought the tracks were made by walking birds. Birds don't wear horseshoes, though. Still others thought the tracks might have been made by otters, rats, polecats, frogs, or badgers. A rabbit, they argued, moves in leaps, and its 4 feet together leave a mark in the shape of a horseshoe. But identifiable rabbit tracks were made that night, and they didn't look anything like the mysterious prints. And while a rat can run up a wall, it would leave traces. There were no such marks. Besides, rat tracks that had been left that night also differed from the mystery tracks.

Professor Richard Owen, famous for his identification of the leg bone of the extinct New Zealand moa, had a novel theory. He thought the tracks were made by a badger, which moved in such a way that the fore and hind foot had got blended. He failed to explain why the tracks were not in a double line and how the badger's flat foot turned into a horseshoe.

The truth was, no one could explain it. No known creature makes regular footprints in a regular line. A biped may hop on one foot for a little while, but not for 60 mi. When galloping, the animal may leave prints that seem to be in a single line, but when one examines the prints, one sees separate feet. And what quadruped could gallop at the same pace for such a long time?

And why were such footprints never seen again?

It was the devil, said some of the people in Devonshire, and perhaps their explanation is as acceptable as any.

NOTE: In 1953 and 1954, sea creatures were found on Canvey Island, England. They looked somewhat like a pig, had gills but no scales, and had 2 short legs ending in feet on which the toes were arranged in the shape of a "U." Could one of these creatures have made the devil's footprints?

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