Mysterious Events in History Moving the Coffins of Barbados Part 1

About the mysterious event in history involving moving the coffins of people in barbados.


When: 1807-1820

Where: Barbados, the West Indies, in the parish of Christ Church at Oistin's Bay

The Mystery: On a coral shelf 100' above sea level stands the beautiful cemetery of Christ Church, where people of wealth in Barbados put up family vaults. The vault of the Barbados coffins mystery is built partly above and partly below ground. The top section is made of large coral blocks cemented together, the roof is arched, and the walls slope inward a bit. It was built in 1742 for the body of Col. Thomas Elliott, who was instead buried at sea.

In July, 1807, the 1st body, that of Mrs. Thomasina Goddard, in its plain wooden coffin, was put on the highest shelf of the vault.

Then the Chase family, notorious for insanity, suicide, and murder, entered the picture. The head of the family, a man with a vicious temper, was so cruel to his slaves that they had threatened his life.

On February 22, 1808, the Chase baby, Mary, died, probably killed by her father in a fit of rage. Her body, in its heavy metal coffin, was put in the vault.

Only a few months later, eccentric Dorcas, the family teen-ager, starved herself to death in a locked cabin in the garden. Her body was taken to the vault. When they reached the outside door, 2 blacks opened it and, followed by pallbearers carrying the coffin, proceeded down the stone steps. Light came only from burning torches. The inner door to the vault was opened and all shouted in fear. Mary Chase's coffin stood on its head in the opposite corner from where it had been put.

The mourners righted Mary Chase's coffin and put Dorcas down next to her sister. A month later, Colonel Chase killed himself. His body was placed in the vault also.

Eight years later, a child related to the Chases died and was carried to the vault. By this time, the hinges had rusted. It took 2 blacks to open the door. When they did, they stared in terror. Mrs. Goddard's coffin, as usual, was in its place, but the Chases' coffins littered the floor. Strange, because each weighed about 500 lbs. and needed 4 men to move it.

A month later, a woman who was putting flowers on a grave heard a "loud cracking noise" and the "sound of someone moaning" in the vault. Her horse began foaming at the mouth in terror and later had to be treated by a veterinarian. The Sunday after, several horses tied outside the church broke away in fear and galloped down the hill to die in the sea.

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