Mysterious Events in History The Bermuda Triangle and Flight 19

About the disappearance of Flight 19 in the Bermuda Triangle in 1945, history of the mystery.


When: December 5, 1945

Where: The Bermuda Triangle, off the coast of Florida

The Mystery: Flight 19 should have been routine. It was a normal training flight from the Naval Air Station at Fort Lauderdale, Fla.--5 TBM Avengers, torpedo bombers equipped with excellent navigational and radio equipment. One plane had a crew of 2; the others had 3 men each. Their planned course was a triangle--160 mi. east, 40 mi. north, then southwest back to the base.

At 2:02, the 1st plane took off, and soon they were all flying in formation at a speed of 200 mph.

The 1st sign of trouble came 1 1/2 hours later. By that time, they should have returned to based. Instead, there was a weird radio message from the flight commander. "Calling tower. This is an emergency. . . . We seem to be off course . . . . We cannot see land . . . . (REPEAT) . . . We cannot see land." When asked for their position, he said, "We are not sure of our position. We can't be sure of just where we are. We seem to be lost." Then, when told to head due west, he radioed, "We do not know which way is west. Everything is wrong ... strange. We can't be sure of any direction. Even the ocean doesn't look as it should."

Fifteen minutes later, personnel in the control tower heard the men on the planes talking back and forth. Then the flight commander did something extremely unusual--he turned control over to one of his men.

At 4:25, the last message came, "Not certain where we are ... about 225 mi. northeast of base. . . . Looks like we are--"

A Martin flying boat with a crew of 13 men took off to begin a search for the missing planes. Five minutes later, it vanished. Six planes were now inexplicably lost.

All night long, Coast Guard planes searched, and in the morning, an aircraft carrier sent up more planes. Before night, there were 21 ships, 300 planes, and 12 land-based parties looking for the missing Flight 19 and the Martin flying boat. But there was no trace of them, not even an oil slick.

Adding to the mystery were several unanswered questions: Why was there no SOS from Flight 19? Why was there no debris? Why hadn't the Martin flying boat simply landed on the water? What happened to the Martin's emergency radio equipment? The naval inquiry board that investigated the disappearances said, "We are not able to even make a good guess as to what happened."

Since then, both planes and ships have continued to vanish in the Bermuda Triangle, the area bounded by Florida, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. (In Europe, the area is called both the Magic Rhombus and the Triangle of Death.)

In 1965-1966, the National Bureau of Standards studied the coastline along the edge of the Triangle, using special microphones and instruments to pick up ultrasonic noise. They did hear some strange whispering sounds, but technicians could not identify them.

In 1967, the Navy spent over $5 million searching the ocean floors with research submarines but found nothing.

Possible Solutions: Perhaps it is simply coincidence that so many ships and planes have vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. Since the area is heavily traveled, statistically speaking, accidents are more likely to take place there.

On the other hand, some scientists think that some parts of the ocean may periodically produce chemical compounds which could affect humans to the extent that they lose their sense of direction. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, for instance, have detected high concentrations of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) near Iceland. They think it possible that the oceans may go through chemical phases; during one of these phases, catabolism--chemical reactions related to organic decomposition--may occur.

Perhaps the Bermuda Triangle is one of several so-called "vile vortices," spaced evenly around the world. These areas are characterized by magnetic and gravitational anomalies, which may be caused by their bowlike shapes. Maybe the planes fell up.

Or, could it be that alien beings in underwater bases captured the planes and ships (or at least their crews)? Or was it UFOs from outer space, which came through magnetic or gravitational "holes" in the sky?

Finally, did the ships and planes and the people on them pass into the 4th dimension through a kind of gap in time?

If so, are they now in a parallel universe?

We may never know the answer.

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