Mysterious Events in History The Greek Shepherd Healer

About the mystery of the Greek Shepherd who had the power of healing and proved it by fixing a lamb's broken limb in court.


When: 1941

Where: Athens, Greece

The Mystery: Athanasios Contogeorge, shepherd, 1st healed a child's crooked legs when he was 28 years old. (Before that, he had confined himself to animals.) Word spread, and he was soon seeing close to 60 patients a day. Known as "Vlahos" (Greek for "shepherd"), he acquired an international reputation and treated statesmen and millionaires, including King Paul of Greece, who broke his foot in a skiing accident, and Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, who suffered a sciatica attack when visiting Greece. At one time, he was treating both the American and British Ambassadors.

But he was not an MD, and it wasn't long before the medical establishment attacked him as a fraud and brought a case against him in an Athens court.

When the judge asked him why he had healing powers, he said he didn't know. "But you do profess to heal, do you not?" a doctor asked.

"I do heal," answered the shepherd.

He was then asked if he had a medical certificate from a university or had other permission to practice medicine. Before he could answer, a doctor jumped up and said, "The man cannot even read or write. He is illiterate. How could he have any kind of legal certificate to practice medicine? The man is a charlatan and must be stopped from practicing his black magic and deluding the hill people."

Then the shepherd, obviously hurt, said, "If the doctors in the courtroom can do what I am about to do, I will stop my healing."

The doctors were not happy with that statement, saying the shepherd was probably going to perform some showy trick. However, the judge told the shepherd to proceed.

The shepherd went to the back of the court-room, untied a lamb that had been tethered there, patted it, then broke its legs. The people in the room could hear its legs snap. The doctors, asked to examine the lamb, could not deny that the creature's legs, sticking out at bizarre angles, were indeed broken.

Without any theatrics, the shepherd then put the lamb on the floor and set its bones in place, whereupon the lamb got up and began to run around the courtroom. The doctors, upon examining it, were astounded.

"Now, my friends," said the shepherd, "which one among you will do the same?"

He won his case.

Possible Solutions: Who knows what causes healing hands? The shepherd said, "The power of God goes through my hands." Believers would agree.

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