Mysterious Lands Zimbabwe Ruins and Temple

About the mysterious land the Zimbabwe ruins and temple, history of the African location.


Location: 17 mi. southeast of Fort Victoria, Rhodesia

The Enigma: In 1871, young geologist Karl Mauch asked a trader, Adam Renders, how to get to the nearest ruins. The trader was happy to supply the information. On Mauch's way there, he was captured by natives, but later he was rescued. Ultimately, he reached his destination-Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe consists of an elliptical temple with walls 740' around, 34' high, 10' wide at the top, and it is surrounded by stone walls. Three hundred feet above, there is another building built into the rock, and this has stone steps leading up to it. There is a cave be heard in the elliptical building.

Who built Zimbabwe?

Some Explanations: Is Zimbabwe in the Land of Ophir from whence came King Solomon's gold? After all, the area is famous for its ancient mines, which, it is estimated, produced 650 tons of gold.

Did Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt know about Zimbabwe? There is some archaeological evidence-a hieroglyphic here and there, drawings which seem to depict Egyptians-that would lead one to believe she might have.

Did the ancient Israelites or the Egyptians build the mysterious city? Or the Phoenicians, who were known to travel extensively?

Ancient Chinese coins have been found on the beaches of East Africa. Did the Chinese build it?

Today: Modern archaeologists think that Zimbabwe is not ancient, but was begun in the 15th century, probably by native Africans who may have migrated from the area later. The Bantus, who live there now, have no legends about the city at all.

From 1946-1962, Roger Summers, curator of the National Museum at Bulawayo, and Keith R. Robinson, chief inspector of monuments, excavated Zimbabwe. They were assisted by architectural expert Anthony Whitty. Their excavation revealed that the site was occupied by people using iron, and living in huts, before the 4th century B.C. In the 11th century, newcomers started building walls. In 1450, the moments were added.

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