Mysterious Miracle in Brooklyn

About the mysterious miracle in Brookklyn where an old woman developed other personalities and telepathy.


Miracle in Brooklyn. "From 1865 until her death in 1910, Mollie Fancher was confined to her bed in a room in Brooklyn, N.Y. She was permanently paralyzed, completely blind, and able to use only one hand. During that period she developed psychic abilities that stunned panels of doctors. She 'read' books and newspapers held beyond her possible range of vision. She could invariably tell who rang the doorbell. If she didn't know their names she would give graphic descriptions of them. She harbored 5 distinct personalities, speaking in different languages, 2 of them in fluent French and Spanish of which the ordinary Mollie couldn't pronounce a word. She gave accounts of street accidents several blocks away--at the moment they were happening! No rational explanation of even one of her abilities has ever been advanced."

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