Mystery of Bigfoots, Sasquatch, and Albert Ostman Part 1

About Albert Ostman who claims to have been kidnapped by a family of Sasquatches in Canada in 1924.


When: 1924

Where: Canada, the mainland just opposite Vancouver Island

The Mystery: Albert Ostman, a Scandinavian lumberjack, chose a wild area at the head of Toba Inlet on the Powell River for a combination vacation-prospecting trip. Somewhere near, there was a lost gold mine he wanted to find. From an old Indian he hired to take him up the fjord, he 1st heard of the giant Sasquatch, a name which means "wild men of the woods." These creatures, hairy though they were, seemed human, and resembled the yeti of the Himalayas.

With him Ostman had food supplies for 3 weeks, a rifle, a sleeping bag, and other basic equipment. As soon as he was well started on his way, he dismissed the Indian. He found a good place to spend the 1st night, where he made a bed of branches and hung his supplies on a pole, high above the ground. In the morning, when he found that his things had been disturbed, he thought a porcupine might have done it. When the same thing happened the 2nd night, he realized it could not have been a porcupine. Whatever it was had not touched the salt, which porcupines always take 1st. The 3rd evening, intending to stay awake all night, he did not undress, but took off his boots and put them in the bottom of his sleeping bag. Half asleep, he suddenly felt himself being picked up. Still in the sleeping bag, he was thrown over something and carried along. For perhaps 30 mi. he was jounced about in the confining sack. Then he was dropped to the ground. It was still dark. He heard voices, but he recognized no words. When he finally worked his way out of the sleeping bag, he looked up and saw 4 giant creatures, standing like humans on 2 legs. Somewhat whimsically, he said, "What do you chaps want with me?"

It was a Sasquatch family--a mother and father and 2 children, one male and one female. When Ostman described them later, he called the father and mother the "old man," and the "old woman." The "old man," who was between 7' and 8' tall, was obviously the one who had carried him through the woods. The Sasquatch father was gesturing and explaining his trip in some kind of speech, while the "old woman" objected.

At daybreak, Ostman saw where he was--in a natural bowl high in the mountains with only one way to get out. He was trapped. At 1st he was too exhausted to try to make a break. He bided his time, while he checked over his supplies. Although much had been brought along, several things were missing, including his prunes and matches. However, his snuff was still there.

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