Mystery of Bigfoots, Sasquatch, and Albert Ostman Part 2

About Albert Ostman who claims to have been kidnapped by a family of Sasquatches in Canada in 1924.


For 7 days, the lumberjack was held prisoner. During that time, the young male offered him grass and sweet roots to eat. This youth and the "old man" developed a liking for snuff, which proved to be the instrument of Ostman's escape. When, on the 7th day, Ostman offered snuff to the "old man," the "old man" ingested all that was left. His eyes began to roll, and he charged off to the spring for water. Ostman headed for the opening in the encircling mountain walls and freedom.

He camped out the 1st night and finally emerged from the woods near a logging operation. He did not tell his story for many years because he thought, and rightly so, that no one would believe it. When he finally did tell it, he gave detailed descriptions of the Sasquatch. The male, he said, was barrel-chested with long forearms, short fingers, a hairy body, and a 2"-long penis. The female, over 7' tall, had a wide pelvis and drooping breasts. They were herbivores, eating evergreen tips, grasses, roots, and ferns.

Possible Solutions: Was Ostman making up the story? Many experts, including Ivan Sanderson, world-famous zoologist, think not.

Do Sasquatch exist? Those who think so talk about the 100 or more sightings of Sasquatch since 1920, the photographs of footprints, and the 3 films which have been made. The footprints, which could not have been made by a "machine," are exactly the kind a huge humanoid would make.

The films are another story. One made by Roger Patterson, a Sasquatch believer, shows a "female" with suspiciously slim hips and an overly human walk. There are those who think this film is a hoax, and that its central male character is also a human dressed up in an "ape" costume.

People who do not think Sasquatch exist ask some hard-to-answer questions: Why hasn't one been captured? Why haven't the pilots in fire-prevention helicopters spotted the huge creatures? How can the Sasquatch possibly gather enough herbaceous material in those relatively barren woods to feed themselves?

If the Sasquatch do exist, what are they? Anthropologists will tell you that they are a lost tribe of Indians living a primitive existence in the American Northwest. Believers in visitations by extraterrestrial beings will tell you that they are homunculi raised elsewhere and put on earth for experimental reasons. Others will tell you that they are a new species of orangutan.

NOTE: In Willow Creek, Calif. there is a huge redwood statue of a Sasquatch (or Bigfoot) in the middle of town, and each year the townspeople hold a carnival called "Bigfoot Daze." There are footprints in the sidewalks (a kind of primitive Grauman's Chinese Theater), and Bigfoot ashtrays and rings are for sale in all the gift shops.

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