Myth of the Origins of Death

About the Madagascar myth about the origin of death, God gives man the choice between the life of the banana or the moon.

The Choice

One day God asked the 1st human couple, who then lived in heaven, what kind of death they wanted--that of the moon or that of the banana. The couple wondered what the difference was, so God explained: The banana puts forth shoots that take its place and the moon itself comes back to life.

The couple considered for a long time before they made their choice. If they chose to be childless, they would avoid death for themselves, but they would also be very lonely and would be forced to do all of the work by themselves and would not have anyone to work and strive for.

So they asked God for children, well aware of the consequences of their choice. And their request was granted.

Since that time, each human has spent only a short time on this earth.

--A legend from Madagascar

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