Natural Hair Care Comix & Stories by Mary Lee and Suzanne Pereiman

An excerpt from the book Natural Hair Care Comix & Stories by Mary Lee and Suzanne Pereiman an illustrated guide to taking care of your hair.

NATURAL HAIR CARE COMIX & STORIES. By Mary Lee and Suzanne Perelman, illustrated by W. M. Johnson. San Francisco: Straight Arrow Books, 1973.

About the book: How to care for your hair without harming it, told in cartoon form. Discusses hair brushing, shampooing, nutrition, cutting, baldness, hair treatments, and how hair grows. Appealing illustrations, easy to read.

From the book: Natural hair care is neither mysterious nor complex, and relates to everyone ... all the little hairs in the world. We want you to be aware of the ways you can restore the damage already done to your hair, naturally, as well as to stimulate its growth and keep it in its natural condition.

Don't lend your brush. Not even to your best friend, not even to your mother. Dandruff, ringworm, and your own personal bacteria are easily passed along on your brush. And for heaven's and your own sake, don't lend it to your cat or dog. Enuf said.

Beware, "organic," "natural," and/or "herbal" products have become subject to Mad. Avenue style big business. Don't insult your hair with a so-called "sham" poo, obviously labeled and marketed for the advertiser's conception of what "young moderns want to buy."

Take home message: your hair is unlike any other; let it be. There is a tribe of people out there, voicing the complaint that, geez, if I let my hair dry naturally, it will turn all weird or frizzy or something. BAH, HUMBUG! Your hair may look more appealing if it is dried in the following manner: When it is still wet, use a towel to dry it to remove excess water. This by no means implies that you should furiously rub a towel all over the rest of your head as well. If your hair is long, bend forward from the waist, then stand up quickly. Repeat this until your hair is full of air ... when it dries, thorough brushing with our old friend rosemary oil will help eliminate your particular hair problem, e.g., frizziness or static.

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