Nutrition and Information Guide: Biotin Vitamins

About the vitamin biotin, nutritional information guide, uses, effects of deficiency, good sources of biotin.


Use in the Body: Assists in the formation of fatty acids and in the burning up of fatty acids and carbohydrates for body heat and energy. Also aids in the use of amino acids, folic acid, pantothenic acid, and vitamin B12.

Deficiency May Lead to: Dermatitis, grayish skin color, depression, muscle pains. Rarely occurs, although it may arise if a large amount of raw egg white is consumed over a long period of time. Raw egg white contains the protein avidin, which combines with biotin in the intestines, preventing its absorption.

Notes: Unaffected by heat, but can be destroyed by exposure to air, baking soda, and strong acids. May be lost if cooking water is thrown away.

Best Sources: Organ meats, whole grains, and brewers' yeast.

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