Origin of the Expression To Peg Out

About the origins of the expression to peg out which comes from the game of croquet.


What Is the Origin of the Expression "To Peg Out"? The phrase "to peg out" owes its origin to the game of croquet. In the early part of the 20th century, 2 sticks (officially called "pegs") were introduced into the game, and a player had to strike them while making the winning stroke.

"Then, in 1922, to make the game more difficult, one of the pegs was removed from the play and the other moved into the center, a practice claimed 1st to have been introduced in Australia. The winning hit had to touch the peg. The game was finished, and one 'pegged out.' The term was then transferred (so croquet lovers assert) from their lawn to life. When the 'game' is over, you 'peg out.'"

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