Origins of Famous Songs: Happy Birthday To You

About the origin of the famous song Happy Birthday to You by Mildred and Party Hill, history of the song.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Mildred and Party Hill 1893

There is one song that each American child learns, along with Mother Goose, about the time she/he turns 2: It is, of course, "Happy Birthday." But she/he probably will never discover, no matter how well educated she/he becomes, that 2 girls--2 sisters named Mildred J. and Patty S. Hill--are responsible.

At 1st, the Hills called their song "Good Morning to You!" and it was published under this title in 1893. Having gained no popularity, it was changed just a little, the words "Happy birthday" replacing "Good morning."

The rest is history. This song is a part of the personalized birthday ritual in thousands upon thousands of American homes. And as Americans have gone to live and work--and fight--in countries all around the world, this simple song has gone with them. So today the song may be heard almost anywhere.

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