Origins of Good Luck Charms Horseshoes

About the origin of the horseshoe as good luck charm, three theories involving devils, witches and metals.

Horseshoe. Three theories: 1. St. Dunstan, a blacksmith by trade, encountered the Devil at his door. The Devil wanted to be "shoed." Dunstan, recognizing the "evil one," tied him up and went to work, inflicting great pain on his customer. The Devil screamed for mercy, and Dunstan released him-but only after the Devil promised never to enter a home protected by a horseshoe. 2. Witches rode broomsticks because they were deathly afraid of horses. Hence, a horseshoe is a good protective charm against witches. 3. Horseshoes are made of iron, a good-luck metal, and are crescent-shaped like the moon which is a sign of prosperity.

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