Other Famous Suicides

A list of other famous figures in history who committed suicide, short bios included.


ARMSTRONG, EDWIN H. (1890-1954). American inventor of regenerative circuit for radio. Jumped from 13th floor of apartment building.

BOULANGER, GEORGES (1837-1891). French general. Shot himself due to grief over death of his mistress.

CAMPBELL, WILLIAM W. (1862-1938). American astronomer. Jumped from 3rd floor of apartment building.

CAROTHERS, WALLACE H. (1896-1937). American chemist who led development of synthetic fibers. Drank poison mixed in lemon juice.

CASTLEREAGH, VISCOUNT (1769-1822). British statesman. Cut his throat.

CATO THE YOUNGER (95-46 B.C.). Roman Stoic philosopher. Fell on his sword.

CHATTERTON, THOMAS (1752-1770). British poet. Swallowed arsenic.

CLEOPATRA (69-30 B.C.). Queen of Egypt. Chose death from the bite of an asp (according to legend).

CRANE, HART (1899-1932). American poet. Jumped overboard from a boat in Caribbean.

CREECH, THOMAS (1659-1700). British classical scholar. Hanged himself.

DEMONSTHENES (385-322 B.C.). Greek orator and statesman. Took poison to escape being captured by Macedonians.

EASTMAN, GEORGE (1854-1932). American inventor of Kodak camera. Shot himself.

ESENIN, SERGEI (1895-1925). Russian poet. Cut his wrists, then hanged himself.

FADEYEV, ALEXANDER (1901-1956). Russian novelist. Shot himself while in a state of mental depression.

HANNIBAL (247-183 B.C.). Carthaginian general. Took poison to evade capture by Romans.

HEMINGWAY, ERNEST (1899-1961). American writer. Shot himself.

HIMMLER, HEINRICH (1900-1945). Hitler's chief of police. Poisoned himself.

KAMMERER, PAUL (1880-1926). Austrian biologist. Shot himself.

LEY, ROBERT (1890-1945). German Nazi leader. Strangled himself with a towel (while awaiting trial as a war criminal).

NERVAL, GERARD DE (1808-1855). French writer. Hanged himself with an apron string.

PONIATOWSKI, PRINCE JOSEPH ANTON (1763-1813). Polish general. Drowned himself by plunging his horse into river.

TELEKI, COUNT PAUL (1879-1941). Hungarian statesman. Shot himself in temple with revolver.

WOOLF, VIRGINIA (1882-1941). British novelist. Drowned herself.

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