Part 6: Interal Revenue Service in the United States: What you can do if Audited

Some tips you can do if you are audited by the Internal Revenue Service or IRS for tax reasons.

Let's Audit the IRS

So what can be done with this monstrous inequity of the IRS? First of all the taxpayer should be able to fight the IRS legally and handily. In order to do this:

1. If approached by an IRS agent, get a trustworthy friend to witness everything that transpires.

2. Use a tape recorder to record all that the IRS agent says wherever you talk to him.

3. When notified by the IRS that you have a deficit, demand to know the exact part of the IRS manual he is operating under in your case, and have him send you a copy under the Freedom of Information Act.

4. Insist that the IRS fully identify all the documents they have in their possession that indicate that you may owe them any additional monies. They must give the names, dates, and numbers of the receipts. You are innocent until proven guilty. The IRS works on the reverse assumption.

5. Form groups that can protect their members with legal representation. These can be supported through membership dues, so that illegal actions of the IRS can be challenged in the courts.

6. Demand on a State and Federal level that all tax offices be elective offices. Get your congressman to support you and your community's interests.

7. Do not settle easily. If you are going through the illegal appellate system of the IRS, keep appealing and so reduce the amount demanded by the IRS (they'll bargain). If you have to pay, pay under protest and in writing, keeping a copy of your protest. If a decision in your favor is then made on a case you can demand a refund later. Above all, do not break the existent laws. However, do stand up for your constitutional rights.

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