Political Boss: John F. "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald Part 3

About the political boss John F. "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald his biography and the history of the United States.

JOHN F. "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD (1863-1951). Political boss.

In the years that followed, Fitzgerald ran for various public offices (including that of U.S. senator), but he never won an election again.

While Fitzgerald was still riding high, he formed a temporary alliance with Patrick "P.J." Kennedy, a genial saloonkeeper and political rival. The alliance was solidified when Kennedy's ambitious son, Joseph, married Fitzgerald's beautiful daughter, Rose. This marriage combining 2 of the great families of old-time Boston machine politics, produced 3 notable brothers--John F., Robert, and Edward ("Teddy") Kennedy--who have put their marks on American history.

Fitzgerald spent much of his time in his declining years watching the progress of his grandson and namesake, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. When in 1948 the young man decided to run for Congress from his grandfather's old district, Honey Fitz was overjoyed. Grandson and grandfather spent hours together laying plans and recalling political sagas of the past. Young Kennedy was swept into office, and at the victory celebration Honey Fitz, aged 85, danced an Irish jig on a tabletop, sang "Sweet Adeline" in a quavering voice, and predicted for all to hear that his grandson would become President of the U.S. Unfortunately, the old man did not live to see his prediction come true. He died in 1951, 9 years before his grandson was elected President. But John F. Kennedy did not forget the old man. When he entered the White House, he renamed the presidential yacht The Honey Fitz in honor of his remarkable grandfather.

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